The vision of living inside and out

Paola Lenti and Misha are collaborating for Milan Design Week 2016 with the temporary installation “Living inside and out”, hosted in Chiostri della Società Umanitaria. Displayed across two cloister rooms will be Paola Lenti furniture and Misha’s chinoiserie wallcoverings, each design demonstrating different artisanal techniques using traditional skills whilst incorporating modern interpretation.


Misha’s “Oriental Flowers” is an almost monochromatic composition whose design gains force from various flowers of different size. This version is hand-painted on a metallic background creating a luxurious effect and beautiful reflection throughout the natural light.

collaboration with paola lenti for milano design week 2016 our china classic wallcoverings with metallic background


For the other cloister, we also display “Moonlight Peonies” wallcoverings is hand-painted chinoiserie inspired by the Chinese garden with the large peonies feature silvery moonlight colours, the details stand out in contrast with the dark background silk with complementary contrast of colour and detailing throughout flora and fauna.