The research on materials in wallcoverings

Misha focuses not only on painting and embroidery done by hand, but also on solid color backgrounds that provide a setting for the imagery. Their distinguishing feature is surface: from the tactile qualities of different silks, to the luxurious textures of metal leaf applied by hand, or the luminous glow of brushed powders. Wallpaper collections are made in Pure Silk, Dupion Silk or Double Silk and metallic wallcoverings, which trigger different effects for the design. The choice of the woven or metallic background is a key factor in the interior design and in the impact of the motifs of each wallcovering.

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Orange and pink silk fine thread details

Silk wallcoverings

The handpainted surfaces can be fabrics of different weights and weaves, from the lightest Pure Silk to the more substantial Dupion Silk, with a thicker, irregular weave like shantung, the light gauze of Japanese Silk to Double Silk, which bonds a thin silk shantung to a metal base, creating wallcoverings with iridescent effects that change with alterations of lighting conditions in the space.

Irregular wave details on the fabric

Silk fabrics

The extensive research on materials delves into untreated silk fabrics for wallcoverings and other uses. Cushions, covers and curtains are made with precious pure silks, more substantial shantung and organza, replicating the designs of the collections. Furnishing complements can thus be coordinated with the walls of the home, even down to the smallest details.

Irregular wave details on the fabric
Metal finish surface for luxury wallpaper

Metal wallcoverings

These are surfaces with a metallic finish, on which to paint by hand. The production of these metallic wallcoverings involves a range of different workmanship techniques: from metal leaf applied by hand, smooth or with a craquelé effect, to powders brushed on by hand and then coated with metallic varnishes. These finishes bring a contemporary look to traditional methods like gold leaf gilding, adding a range of tones, from warm to cool, to the various materials.