Misha renovates its Milan showroom

Misha refreshes its Milanese showroom to offer examples of how the silk wallcoverings of the new Esotismi collection by Cristina Celestino, launched in 2020, can be interpreted. On display, you will find Cabana and Passiflora, two of the four patterns belonging to the Esotismi collection. These are both presented in the most decorative compositions, as they are enriched with hand-painted and hand-embroidered details. Geometric and rational patterns are also available.

On the occasion of such a restyling, Misha has also collaborated with Daniele Daminelli’s Studio 2046 to exhibit his unique pieces like the Faust screen and the Rigoletto sofa in anodized steel. In their geometric rigour and essential design, these furnishings are in perfect harmony with Misha’s coverings from the China Classic collection, which is very decorative.

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