Cabana Golden Sky

Description  > The protagonist of Cabana is a natural and luxuriant wilderness. This wallpaper sets out to be an authentic praise of “vagabonds” (to quote Gilles Clement): wild plants constantly on the move. A colourful “out of scale” fan- shaped flora plays peek-a- boo in between the geometric stripes of an accurately drawn background.
Tech. informations  >

The Cabana design consists of no 6 × 90 cm wide panels whose respective heights are: 310, 280 and 220 cm. The composition may be completed by adding single hand-painted panels or hand-applied gold leaf panels. H. 90cm hand-crafted boiserie panels are available in no 2 colours.

Color variations

This collection explores the full spectrum of Misha’s savoir-faire: from hand-painting, used for solid backgrounds (by applying as many as 4 layers of colour onto a white canvas) as well as for f lower and fruit motifs, to geometric motifs of stripes and patterns. Silk embroidery is employed in its multiple techniques (solid embroidery, half embroidery or outline stitching), even comprising the manual application of metallic leaves in their craquelé version.